StartSomeGood: The Blog: Meet the Team: Clem Auyeung


Clem Auyeung collaborates with ventures to help them polish and launch their campaigns. Before transitioning into this role, he started out doing a variety of behind-the-scenes projects for StartSomeGood — such as analyzing feedback on campaign experiences and researching startup…

My interview on StartSomeGood blog! Thanks Nicole!

Start Some Good: The Blog: The abundant world of crowdfunding (or how we are not competing with Kickstarter)


The importance of diversity

We all talk about abundance vs scarcity, knowing logically that there is an abundance of resources to accomplish whatever anyone might want to do in this world, and yet many (most?) people have traditionally struggled to unlock the support they need to pursue their…

No longer do you have to rely exclusively on foundations, grant-makers and investment institutions to make your idea a reality; You can gather a group of passionate people to launch your idea. 


I know we’re a bit late to the party, but we were too busy disrupting hybrid models via scaling and synergizing.  

I proudly present “Sh*t Social Entrepreneurs Say,” put together by StartSomeGood, produced by Aaron Lesser, and featuring some of my “finest” work as a thespian.  

I’m so glad we can finally show our hidden acting talents! 

"We’re disrupting disruption." -That is soooo meta.